Hahei House

Hahei House is a holiday home overlooking the Coromandel panorama of Hahei Beach and its adjacent islands. This modest proposition needed to provide a young family with a peaceful retreat from their busy lifestyle.

The environment created and language of materials was to be simplistic to provide an architecture which did not compete with the natural surrounds and dramatic vista. The dwelling required spaces for entertaining and to accommodate changing weather. It was also a requirement to be able to easily secure the property on leaving.

The solution was to provide an architecture which frames and encompasses the view while providing a dwelling that shelters and contains its occupants. The notion of occupying a cantilevered platform within the view while being anchored to the land to the rear provides a connection of architecture and landscape. The form and spaces created between elegantly provide an environment for entertaining guests and enjoying the tranquillity of the surrounds.

Contractor: Geoff Hick Builders

Photographer: Simon Devitt

Award: NZIA Local Architecture Award 2005